FEG Announced as a 2012 Be Inspired Finalist


Fitzpatrick Engineering Group has been selected as one of three finalists in the Innovations in Structural Engineering category for the 2012 Be Inspired Awards program of the Be Inspired Innovations in Infrastructure conference to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on November 13th and 14th. From the Be Inspired website:

Each fall the Be Inspired Innovations in Infrastructure Conference is held in conjunction with the Be Inspired Awards program to share the best practices behind the successful realization of projects that represent outstanding achievement and innovation in infrastructure design, construction, and operations. This invitation-only conference features presentations by Be Inspired Awards finalists as well as executive roundtables that explore new ways to respond to the challenges facing today's infrastructure organizations.

Doug Fitzpatrick will be heading to Amsterdam in mid-November to make a final presentation to the jurors, industry leaders and key members of the global press and elaborate on challenges and workflows that could not be adequately addressed in the online submission. The two story building that was submitted utilized new parametrically modeled elements with linked scheduling and had to deal with interoperability challenges due to opposing client delivery criteria - provide a 2012 Revit deliverable and provide the selected fabricator with an accurate structural model. In-house testing had determined data exported from Revit was inaccurate so Bentley's AECOsim was used for the host model. Bentley's Integrated Structural Modeler (ISM) was used to generate and deliver a fully complete Revit model to the client.

An abstract of the Structural Engineering submittals can be found here on the Be Inspired website. You can also read more about the conference and the other categories and finalists here.

If you are interested in the questions and answers for the submittal you can find them in this PDF.