CSP Case Study - Octapharma


FEG CSP Case Study - Octapharma Blood Plasma Facility                     

Complete Structural Package™
Octapharma Case Study
Key Benefits
  • The FEG process has proof of concept for schedule sensitive design-build projects.
  • Very aggressive steel delivery schedule was maintained.
  • Early retention of the fabricator by GMP required FEG to closely monitor design changes to protect the steel package budget.
  • Two minor coordination issues with joists and precast panels.
  • No change orders related to the original design package.

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The FEG Complete Structural Package™
Octapharma Case Study

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Octapharma Blood Plasma Facility
The program for this building consisted of a one story, 12,000 sf, 48' high freezer building, a one story, 34,000 sf steel framed lab building and a two story, 39,000 sf office building. The floor system was composite steel beams. The lateral stability was braced frames and foundations were spread footings. The freezer and lab roof areas were composite steel joists. The main structural steel frame was about 340 tons.

This project tracked a traditional design-build concept. The contractor, Balfour Beatty, was a negotiated hire by the owner early in the design phase. The project was moving very quickly and the owner needed to keep close tabs on the budget and schedule. Octapharma was consolidating various processes into this new one-of-a-kind building in anticipation of saving significant costs per week. Anything that could be done to shorten the schedule had a real impact to them.

The design team was selected via a traditional RFP and interview. Wright McGraw Beyer was the architect of record and Leach Wallace was the MEP engineering firm. Northwest Refrigeration was the freezer design consultant.

With such an aggressive schedule, the fabricator was brought on board very quickly as well. SteelFab Charlotte was retained by negotiation on a GMP basis from a mill order set of drawings. FEG worked directly for SteelFab, provided shop drawing preparation and actively monitored the steel package to protect SteelFab's early GMP price.

The structural design started in earnest about mid August 2013. Steel erection on the freezer building started early December 2013.

Understanding and incorporating the fabricator’s shop preferences and internal process management for a very fast paced project schedule was challenging. The detailing and erection went well but providing the proper administrative documentation for the various releases and submittals will be better next time. This project and its schedule demands really highlighted the benefit of having the fabricator on board very early in design.

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You can also download a summary of this case study here.