FEG to present at 2014 NASCC conference


This week Doug Fitzpatrick will be speaking at the 2014 NASCC conference in Toronto, CA. The session is slated for Thursday March 27 at 1:15 and is entitled Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings – A Paradigm Shift. The abstract is as follows:

The recent growth of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has affected the way most design professionals complete their work. Its adoption has heralded challenges to traditional corporate workflows as well as apprehension about sharing information with the design team and other members of the construction team. However, BIM has also revealed opportunities to those who are looking for innovations.

This session will outline how structural engineers are making a radical change in the way structural steel is procured and delivered for a typical commercial project. The presenter will detail the current inefficient system of shop drawing preparation, review and fabrication and propose a disruptive technology to leverage the inherent advantages of BIM and deliver measureable time and cost savings to a project.

If you are attending the conference, please stop by the session. 

Shortly after the conference, we'll post the presentation in bite-sized pieces to our website and YouTube.