NASCC 2014 Presentation Part 3 of 6


We've tackled how to improve the process between the structural engineer and the detailer in the first two segments to make the delivery of steel more efficient for a project. Now, let's take a look at including the fabricator. They were using "BIM" before the design community knew how to spell it. They have developed a lot of expertise in working with technology within their offices over the years and all of that needs to be leveraged to squeak the most efficiency in this new process. 

  1. The current process of shop drawing review and AISC initiatives
  2. Sharing model data - the paradigm shift
  3. Including the fabricator in this new process
  4. Case studies
  5. Engineering liability
  6. Q&A

In this segment (9:34) we discuss how we include the fabricator's preferences and shop efficiencies into this new paradigm.
You can find it here FEG 2014 NASCC Presentation - Part 3

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