NASCC 2014 Presentation Part 4 of 6


Now that we've covered the basics of our process, let's see how it all comes together in some case studies. I selected three of our projects for the presentation. I outline the general project description, who we worked for and any interesting facts about the project and our process. Although our process appears to be perfectly suited for design-build type projects, we have successfully adapted it for design-bid-build. It's even flexible enough to handle the hiccups in some projects....

If you'd like some more details about any of these projects, feel free to call to discuss.

  1. The current process of shop drawing review and AISC initiatives
  2. Sharing model data - the paradigm shift
  3. Including the fabricator in this new process
  4. Case studies
  5. Engineering liability
  6. Q&A

You can find this segment (8:40) of the presentation here - FEG 2014 NASCC Presentation - Part 4