Creative Delivery of Point Cloud and As-Built Conditions

06-Sep-2011Earlier this year, we were working on a renovation project at the VA in Asheville that included replacing a mechanical unit in the crawl space below the first floor. Although our structural involvement for this part of the work was limited to providing a slab on grade housekeeping pad for the units, we were exposed to a clever use of point cloud data.

Point clouds have been around for a while but we haven't seen a presentation of data done quite this way. The firm that provided the data is Ed Holmes & Associates in Asheville, NC. The PDF looked suspiciously like a point cloud when it was opened but it also had embedded links (red boxes) to panoramic photos on their website. The photos were very clear and bright and what a cool way to share data. Dan Henry at Ed Holmes & Associates described it this way:

"We did scan the project with our Leica scanner, derived the modeled objects with point cloud software (Leica Cyclone), and then exported the 3d objects to CAD to finish out.

The panoramic photos were taken with a regular SLR camera with an 8mm lens, 6 photos per position using a nodal bracket & tripod, and then stitched into an equirectangular image, converted into a Shockwave Flash animation and hosted in a website directory to be linked to via the PDF index or directly via the URL. We use these photos in-house for QA/QC, but found our clients got a lot of use out of them, so we started including them in transmittal packages."

Here's a link to the file they sent us:

Ed Holmes Point Cloud Ed Holmes Point Cloud (858 KB)

When the file opens you'll see red boxes. Click on one and at opens a new IE window and loads a panoramic picture taken at that location. You can move the mouse left, right, up and down to pan and the wheel on your mouse zooms in and out. Really neat.

If you'd like to discuss this with someone at Ed Holmes & Associates you can contact Dan Henry at 828-225-6562.