SouthMeck High School Eco-Lab


TectaAmerica spearheaded a voluntary effort to build an interactive solar station and ecolab at South Mecklenburg High School here in Charlotte. After many hurtles, the project is finally nearing completion. From Tim Munson:

               I am very excited to say that we have also decided to make the project interactive. By this I mean we are going to create signage on site that will have a brief description of each part of the Eco-Lab and a QR code that anyone can scan with their smart phone and it will take them to a short educational video that will tell them about that particular part of the Eco-Lab. This should give visitors that are not familiar with solar and green roofs the opportunity to learn more about the project and how it will be incorporated into the curriculum.

TectaAmerica has also created a website ( to provide some background information about the project as well as photos and videos of the students building the lab. Fitzpatrick Engineering Group was involved in the solar frame and eco-lab designs.

The lab was included in the NC Science Festival activities back in April and is hoping to be included on the DNC tours of Charlotte.