ZweigWhite - How do you say 'thank you' to your clients?

13-Sep-2011Among other things, ZweigWhite Publishing produces a broad array of information, industry data, analysis, and practical advice for design and construction firm leaders. The three primary research divisions are benchmark surveys (browse products), best practice resources (browse products), and analysis of management and market trends (browse products).

The Zweig Letter is a weekly subscription publication that provides "the voice of reason for architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms— is a truly unique management newsletter". The On The Record section of the May 2011 issue asked small and large firm leaders for their ideas on how they thank you to their clients. Doug Fitzpatrick with Fitzpatrick Engineering Group was featured in the article. You can read his response as well as others here:

ZweigWhite May 30, 2011 - How do you say 'thank you' ZweigWhite May 30, 2011 - How do you say 'thank you' (1665 KB)