"If you really think about the traditional process of getting from structural design intent to steel fabrication, you’ll realize it’s full of inefficiencies that waste time and money.

The foundation of this process - a 2D representation of a 3D structure - dates back to hand drawing days. The advent of BIM is a significant improvement. However, the process is still broken – a linear progression overly reliant upon 2D documents with excessive iterations and duplication of effort. The time has come to push the envelope and fully utilize new technology to get lean, rev up your speed to market and reduce redundancy.

Fitzpatrick Engineering Group is transforming the way structural steel is designed and delivered. Our process allows us to transfer information to the detailer during the design process - shortening fabrication drawing preparation time from months to weeks.

Heard of others claiming a similarly progressive approach? We go beyond progressive to create a true paradigm shift. This is not just structural engineers doing shop drawings. We share our model data multiple times with the detailer during design and manage a single model with the electronic transfer of information. We’ve revolutionized the outdated linear process into a new world of real-time collaboration.

What does that mean? Simply put: faster and better. Steel is delivered sooner. Change orders disappear. Information exchange between the designer and detailer is more accurate and communication is more efficient. Faster steel delivery results in quicker turnover to the owner. Everybody wins!.

Fitzpatrick has invested considerable sweat equity into launching this new process. Our approach is a game-changer. We saw a problem and built a solution from the ground up virtually eliminating error and delivering results you can measure.

You need the perfect partner- a structural engineering firm with the necessary tools and knowledge to add value to your projects. Fitzpatrick Engineering Group is ready to elevate your steel projects from inefficiency to innovation. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you. Let us show you how."